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Come ride along...

For over 25 years, cattle and ranching have been my life. I have crossed this country working with customers and friends in their pursuit of producing the nation's finest cattle. It is across these backroads of America that I have witnessed some remarkable things, and met remarkable people. Long days are spent behind the chutes, sorting pens, and pastures, but rarely is their a time when I was not intrigued by something I witnessed and wished that I had captured it forever. So I took up a camera. This developed into taking pictures of cattle for sale catalogs and advertisements used by ranchers in the marketing of their cattle. I have developed my current company, The Performance Genetic Network, to where we have expanded into video marketing. There is a pride that goes along with helping someone put their best foot forward and showcase their stock for their customers to evaluate.  I have found a way to incorporate my passions of cattle and photography.

Making my home in Byers, Colorado, I can appreciate the small town life. It was here that I was asked if I would be interested in taking a young lady's portraits. She knew that most of my work was with cattle but she wanted to work together and give it a try. My 7 home-raised models now had some relief as someone else was willing to endure the experience. It was a great session capped off by a someone who was happy with what we had accomplished. I am always grateful and humbled by the others who have asked. Whether it is working cattle or taking pictures and portraits, I truly enjoy the satisfaction of working with remarkable people, in amazing places, and capturing just one moment in time as I travel Backroad, America

If you would like to have that one moment captured, feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear your ideas and what we can do to accomplish them. Feel free to go thru my work, use the social media buttons below, as well as the Contact page to reach me. I look forward to hearing from you.